An Idea Worth Spreading: TED-Ed talks

TED Talks are recognized for ‘Ideas Worth Spreading’. TED-Ed resources support students (8-18 yrs) creating their own TED like talk. These resources encourage idea creation, exploration and sharing through sequenced discussions and activities. Creating a TED-Ed talk engages students by giving them a purpose and authentic audiences for sharing their knowledge/passion about a topic of their choice. Students create, collaborate, and edit their talks using a variety of digital tools. TED-Ed can be run as a whole class learning event focusing on key components of all curricular areas to support inquiry. Learn how to get started, what to expect and how to amplify student’s voices beyond their own classroom.

By the end of this webinar, participants will:

  • Have a better understanding of how to develop and improve student’s presentation literacy: an understanding of how to develop and present ideas effectively.
  • Be excited about creating opportunities for students where there is a real purpose and world-wide audience
  • Know how to start and use the TED-Ed resources, including many tips and tricks to help make their students’ talks as successful as possible.
  • Have a long list of resources they can use to support their TED-Ed inquiries

We hope to inspire educators to give students more opportunities to pursue their passions and amplify their voices.

Audience: Grades 3-12