Art Class, Distance-Learning-Style!

How can you teach art when you don’t have access to your classroom studio and all of your materials? Find out how one teacher is using social media, videos, and online resources to try to make the most out of learning while in quarantine.

Zoom Webinar Presentation

Presenter: Colleen Rose

Audience: 7 – 12



Colleen’s Slide Presentation

Getty Museum Challenge

•From Ian Fitzgerald : #saatchitakeover – Saatchi Gallery is posting challenges as well!

•From Sheila Ducheck : Most of the text is from the Getty.

•From Sheila Ducheck : Ephemeral art – indoors and out is also a good project for distance learning. And I also did “food art”. I am happy to share slide shows I have created if you want to email, I’ll share with you.

•From ldiessel : If you make a YouTube video, you can then put the link into, and get a copy of the video WITHOUT the ads.

•Colleen’s Still life @ Home ideas –