Connecting Students Globally with the Revised Social Studies Curriculum

Have you been thinking about involving your students in a Global Project?  Do you worry about the time a global project will take and how it will fit with the new Social Studies curriculum expectations?  Put your fears to rest!  This session shows you how to make the most of your time with clear curriculum connections and assessment methods that make it possible for students to truly “Learn with the World!”  Student work samples are shared to help demonstrate how global projects and Social Studies learning activities tie to success criteria and assessment expectations. This session introduces participants to several iEARN Canada projects that connect students and teachers around the world, including Holiday Card Exchange, Machinto,  A Day in the Life, My Hero, Art Miles, Early People Symbols Project and the Teddy Bear Project.

NOTE: This webinar presents examples of work from K-8, however, projects that are also applicable to some secondary curriculum are discussed as well.

Audience: K-8