Designing ‘World-Changing’ Thinking Opportunities Part 1

The notion of a ‘world-changing’ classroom in rooted in the Citizenship Education Framework for Ontario and how we can effectively nurture world-shapers in our classrooms.  This webinar provides an opportunity to reflect deliberately and deeply on how we can support students in developing the tools of quality thinking  – thinking that is critical, creative and collaborative.  These intellectual tools can empower them in the tasks of effectively using their voice, creatively design solutions to authentic problems, and taking an active and meaningful role in local and global contexts. This webinar will engage and support educators in the process of designing dynamic, relevant and engaging geography units to support the revised grade 7 & 8 geography curriculum.  Participants will deepen their understanding of geographical thinking concepts and explore how to use geographic inquiry to create a classroom that is alive with possibilities for enhanced engagement in real world challenges and opportunities.

We recommend that you also register for Part 2 of this series!

Audience: Intermediate