Digital Harassment, Social Networking and Online Safety

The world our youth are living in is constantly changing, particularly with respect to socializing in their online worlds. This webinar reviews how social networking and communication technologies are changing the way that youth communicate and build friendships/relationships. By examining how social networking tools are appropriately and inappropriately used by youth, we look at how these technologies can lead to cyber bullying, digital harassment, and unsafe situations. Some possible consequences of engaging in these behaviours are examined.  In addition, the positive ways that social media can be used are discussed, plus tips and tools to help monitor and protect youth as they navigate and socialize in their online world are provided.  Please be sure to explore the many resources linked below.

Audience: All levels


About the presenters:

Shanna Burns is the Centre Manager at the CAMH Centre for Prevention Science. She has been part of the CAMH-CPS team for the past 9 years, primarily working in the area of curriculum and program development, writing and implementation.  She has written lessons and units of study for the Fourth R program and has also been contracted to write on topics such as media literacy, bullying, cyber bullying, and online safety.  As a Fourth R Master Trainer, she has conducted trainings and workshops at venues across North America. In addition, she has co-authored chapters and journal articles on topics such as cyber bullying, media violence, knowledge mobilization, and healthy relationships.  Shanna received her Master of Education in Educational Psychology from Western University and is a certified teacher with the Thames Valley District School Board in London, ON.

Ryan Broll, B.A., M.A., is a Ph.D. Candidate in the Department of Sociology at the University of Western Ontario and a Research Associate at the CAMH Centre for Prevention Science in London, Ontario. Ryan’s doctoral research examines stakeholder’s responses to cyber bullying. He has co-authored research papers and book chapters in the areas of cyber bullying, media violence, policing, parenting, and domestic violence and has presented his research findings internationally. He also frequently presents on topics including media violence, cyber bullying, digital harassment and online safety to students, parents and professionals.