Elections by The Numbers: Inquiry and Blended Learning

How does youth voting compare to that of other age groups? Find out how Elections Canada’s newly updated resource Elections by the Numbers can help your students understand this question by exploring the representation of data. This critical thinking activity has students collaboratively analyze data and communicate a creative message about voter turnout. In this webinar, we will share how you can use the new blended learning tools for this activity, whether your learning environment is face-to-face, virtual or a hybrid. Our strategies and tools can be blended together seamlessly in any way that works for you and your students. This flexible inquiry-based lesson can support your learning goals for many different subjects and grades. We will explore real election data in this hands-on, interactive presentation. 

Zoom Webinar – Presentation 

Presenter:  Zoe Flatman and Rachel Collishaw 



Slide #2 – Poll: Who is here today?  https://forms.gle/Ge4B4QJK9PyafmKZA

Slide # 9,12,19  –  Réflexion Adaptation en ligne   http://bit.ly/3b3ToeD

Slide #22 – Consolidation: Quelles sont les points clés que vous avez retenus?