Get Kids Talking using Tech Tools!

Let’s get students talking, explaining, creating and documenting their own learning! In this webinar, participants will learn about four iPad apps that we consider to be the most powerful and easy to use. These apps will provide learners with opportunities to practice essential skills for oral language development, print representation and storytelling skills. Use:

  • Explain Everything to take a picture of students’ work and have students share their thinking;
  • Tell About to capture children’s thoughts and stories;
  • Draw and Tell to capture student imagination and representations through students’ artwork;
  • Book creator to allow students to add audio, images and video to their stories.

Educators can celebrate and share student achievement in real and authentic ways using technology in class blogs, twitter accounts and via email.  Join us as we explore fun and engaging tools to document student thinking and learning.

Audience: Kindergarten


Anja Kitchen and Carrie Daniels: