Getting GIPHY

GIFs: Perhaps you’ve seen them on your social media feeds. Or maybe they’ve popped up in your text messages. Let’s explore the many ways we can capitalize on a strategic use of GIFs in our classrooms and programs. From reading to “writing” our own, we will explore quick and easy tools to have you creating them yourself or with your students after the session.

Zoom Webinar Presentation

Presenter: Tina Zita

Audience: K – 8


Tools mentioned for creating GIFs:

  • Adobe Creative Cloud Express
  • ScreenToGIF
  • Snapseed
  • Google Drawing
  • Google Slides
  • Canva

Some tools for colour-matching

Book mentioned as a favourite in the classroom:

Reasons some have used GIFs:

  • I have used other people’s GIFs to spark conversation and reaction in French class.
  • Use them to make my slides more visually appealing and bring attention to important points
  • I use them when I text with a family relative who is non-verbal.

The first tool demonstrated in the session was, which is web-based so it will work on all devices. Login is not required.

Keynote was then demonstrated. Keynote only comes with Mac and iOS devices (iPhone, iPad). Keynote has an excellent “follow path” feature.

We shared inspirational ideas on a Jamboard:

A Wakelet with a summary of Tina’s notes can be found at