Heartware in the Classroom: Using 2.0 to Connect Students Globally

During this webinar, participants explore a variety of Web 2.0 tools that can be integrated into any classroom program in a meaningful way. Participants will be able to investigate how these engaging tools can be integrated into classroom practice while being embedded in collaborative projects. Examples of 2.0 tools to be explored

  • Edublogs
  • Glogster
  • Voicethread
  • Podcasting
  • Web Conferencing using Skype and/or Adobe Connect/Blackboard
  • Publishing tools – My Hero
  • Digital Storytelling using Photoshop Elements
  • Wiki Spaces

It will become evident through the webinar that these tools are used to encourage collaborations worldwide, thereby showing that it is not about simply using the hardware, but using the heart to foster relationships.

Audience: All levels