Creating, Making, Exploring: Using Digital Breakout Rooms to Encourage Global Competencies

This webinar will allow teachers the chance to see and create digital breakout rooms (think of the escape rooms that you’ve visited but online) that can be combined with a multitude of curriculum. These interactive and collaborative breakout rooms will empower students to be creators, deep thinkers, and to challenge their creative juices, while accessing the curriculum. Teachers will get the chance to explore different avenues and ways to challenge their students to create these rooms, as well as learn how to step by step create their own to build engagement in any topic area. In this session, see how you can connect problem solving, critical thinking, and the global competencies in one engaging project! Digital Escape Rooms are an amazing way to offer your students the chance to shine with both knowledge of content and technology!

Presenter: Cameron Steltman

Audience: Grades 1-8