Junior LITeracy: Tending the Fire

Lyndsay Buehler and Jehan Lalor give us a peek inside two Junior literacy learning spaces to see how two classroom educators are responding both to the 2023 Language curriculum and to the students who are bringing it to life.


The webinar, presented by Lyndsay Buehler and Jehan Lalor, focused on adapting teaching methodologies in response to the new 2023 Ontario language curriculum, with a particular emphasis on morphology—the study of the smallest units of meaning in words. The session highlighted innovative strategies for incorporating morphology into classroom routines, demonstrating how it can significantly enhance students’ vocabulary, spelling, decoding, and encoding skills. Through practical activities and the utilization of AI for generating educational content, the presenters showcased effective approaches to enrich language learning. Additionally, the webinar revisited the RACER strategy as a powerful tool for fostering critical thinking and improving comprehension among students.

Key Concepts Mentioned

Curriculum and Instructional Strategies

  • Adaptation to the New 2023 Language Curriculum: Strategies for aligning teaching methods with curriculum changes.
  • Focus on Morphology: The importance of morphology in literacy development.
  • Routines for Whole Group and Small Group Instruction: Structured approaches to teaching and engaging students.
  • RACER Strategy for Critical Thinking: A method to enhance student responses and comprehension.

Morphology Activities and Resources

  • Morpheme Wall and Matrices: Visual and interactive tools for exploring word forms.
  • AI-generated Educational Content: Leveraging technology to create tailored teaching materials.
  • Online Resources for Morphology: Websites and documents supporting morphology instruction.

Student Engagement and Learning

  • Strategies for Decoding and Encoding: Techniques for understanding and constructing words.
  • Critical Thinking and Comprehension: Enhancing analytical skills through structured strategies.

Online Resources Mentioned


Hi! I’m Lyndsay Buehler and I’m currently teaching Grade 4/5, having recently returned to the classroom after several years as a K-8 curriculum consultant. I’m in my 17th year with the Waterloo Region District School Board. I’m a crafter, musician, and notebooker, on a mission to make all the things and read all the books. One of my big goals in the classroom is to help students discover the joy and agency of multimodal literacy.



My name is Jehan Lalor and I currently teach grade 4 in the Toronto District School Board. This is my 19th year of teaching and most people would classify me as an educator and traveller with an obsession for picture books. Critical literacy, foundational skills and culturally responsive teaching are some of the goals in my classroom this year.