Making Math Moments from a Distance

Download and play webinar in a new tabDate: June 18, 2020
Areas of Focus: Mathematics
Keywords: Podcast (25)

As the entire world is engaging in emergency remote learning, it’s likely that you’ve managed to piece together the technology to provide students with new learning through videos either found or created and you’ve given your students options to access practice problems through online tools and/or digital handouts. Now, you’re trying to continue finding ways to restore the community and engagement you had pre-COVID-19.

Dive into this webinar where we’ll explore ways we can craft lessons from a distance that Spark Curiosity, Fuel Sense Making, and Ignite Your Teacher Moves through an easy to follow 3-part framework.

Zoom Webinar Presentation

Presenter: Kyle Pearce and Jon Orr

Audience: K – 12