Making Space for the Makerspace Movement in Your Classroom/Learning Commons

Makerspace:  a physical location where people gather to share resources and knowledge, work on projects, network and build. (EDUCAUSE, 2013)
Does this sound like an ideal definition of a classroom or a learning commons in 2016? It does for this session’s facilitator!  In this webinar, Mary-Kay Goindi shares the first steps and missteps she took to include the ideas behind the Makerspace movement into her teaching and the reasons she will never go back. Mary-Kay began this new journey motivated by her students’ enthusiasm and the rich learning that she witnessed. This session does not offer all the answers but provides an opportunity to share tips and strategies for those looking to embark on a learning adventure.

Note: Elementary examples are shared, but teachers of all levels will find ideas useful for their classroom.
Audience: Elementary