Media Literacy and Serious Fun in the K-12 Classroom

How do our learners navigate and understand news on social media? How might dis-information impact their understanding of race relations? Of pandemic science? Of their own culture? This webinar will use a cross-curricular approach to focus on practical, stimulating, and critical thinking strategies for embedding media literacy frameworks into any curriculum. We will focus on current areas such as digital information literacy, social justice and social media. Participants will leave the webinar inspired and equipped with strategies and resources to help learners navigate and understand anti-bias and anti-racist practices, mis- and dis-information, and other environments. Media literacy is more important than ever and teaching media literacy is also serious fun!

Zoom Webinar Presentation

Presenter: Chelsea Attwell and Neil Andersen

Audience: K-12


Association for Media Literacy






Media Triangle Focused Viewing

The Eight Key concepts from the AML

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