Modern and Easy Digital Assessment with Growing Success

Ontario’s Growing Success, a foundational document for looking at assessment in public education, and the core of school boards assessment and evaluation plans, has been out since 2010. At its core is the idea of teachers using their professional judgement for assessment with as, of and for learning through the triangulation of data and students most recent and consistent work. While philosophically this is best practice, it’s also a complex space for teachers to confidently navigate – how do we effectively document observations and conversations while giving more weight to recent work to justify a mark? This session will explore these questions and offer strategies and tools to modernize your assessment practices.

The first part of this session will cover the pedagogical shift that comes with adopting the principles of Growing Success, and the second will share a variety of tools available to teachers to implement them. This session will end with a intro to and demonstration of’s Markboard, a sister tool to OTF Planboad, as just one example of how this can be accomplished while also noting other tools teachers can explore for their own needs.

Audience: Grades 6-12