OTF Connects : Climate Change Challenges: Educators Exploring the Opportunities – WIth Susan Elliott

Dr. Susan Elliott presents on integrating environmental education across K-12 curriculums, focusing on climate change, STEM education, and active learning. She emphasizes the importance of engaging students in hands-on, real-world problem-solving activities to make learning relevant and impactful. The presentation covers the utilization of resources like the Climate Learning website and the Climate Atlas of Canada to aid in teaching. The session includes interactive elements, such as participant input through chat and examples of practical classroom activities that align with environmental education and climate change awareness.

The top 10 concepts addressed in the webinar are:

  1. Environmental Education Integration
  2. Climate Change Awareness
  3. STEM Education Enrichment
  4. Active Learning Strategies
  5. Real-world Problem Solving
  6. Use of Digital Resources (Climate Learning website, Climate Atlas of Canada)
  7. Incorporation of Indigenous Knowledge
  8. Interactive Learning (participant input, classroom activities)
  9. Sustainability Education
  10. Interdisciplinary Approaches in Teaching

These concepts collectively emphasize the importance of an engaging, comprehensive educational approach to environmental issues, aiming to equip students with the knowledge and skills necessary to address climate change and sustainability challenges.

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