OTF Connects Presents: In Conversation With…Éric Gauthier

Download and play webinar in a new tabDate: December 13, 2022
Areas of Focus: Conversational, Interview
Keywords: Interview (7)

Our expert facilitator Joanne Myers will explore and celebrate phenomenal teaching and learning with outstanding teacher Éric Gauthier

Éric Gauthier is a high school science teacher who loves to invent all sorts of new classroom contraptions for every possible educational occasion. Having grown up on a small farm as the youngest (and smallest) of four siblings, he has learned at a very young age to level the prank-playing field with his ability for engineering, sciences, and his vast imagination.
From a treadmill powered phone charger to a multi-laser dark class maze, this MacGyver-like teacher will literally walk you through some of his ideas and insights. Éric has spent the last 25 years not only teaching the design process to his students, but using it as part of his own ongoing professional development. His class is his lab and workshop, and his students are his field operatives and partners. Together, they go on
a journey to discover the magnificent world of science, and there’s never any telling where they’ll end up!