Simplify Your Planning with OTF Planboard (Secondary)

OTF Planboard simplifies your planning so that you can concentrate on what matters most:  face-to-face teaching and learning with your students.  OTF Planboard, a FREE online platform that launched in late fall, 2013, provides Ontario’s publicly funded teachers with a simple way to find, create, adapt, and share lesson plans tied to Ontario provincial curriculum expectations.

This session introduces you to OTF Planboard basics including:

  • your account: features and options,
  • setting up your planner (by day, week, month and year),
  • searching lessons and curriculum expectations,
  • creating, editing and sharing lessons,
  • classroom applications,
  • troubleshooting,
  • and more!

Leave the session with practical, easy-to-use tips and creative ideas to get you started!  Open your FREE OTF Planboard account in advance here.

Audience: Secondary (Elementary session is being offered Feb. 13, 2014)


  • Google presentation slides
  • Tutorial videos:
    • OTF Planboard Setup (includes setting up your schedule, classes and semesters)
    • Lesson Plan Basics (includes day view, week view, month view, class view, moving through the calendar, the notepad feature, creating a lesson in day view, the text editor, inserting an image, table or hyperlink, adding curriculum expectations, uploading files)
    • Basic Functionality (includes inserting links, inserting videos, brief look at account settings, adding off days/holidays, printing a day’s plan, shifting days due to snow day, shifting lessons)