Strategies for Student Ownership of Learning – Part 1 of 2

As Math teachers, we want our students to love math and to be fully engaged in learning. In our almost 50 years of collective teaching practice we have recognized that in order to make this happen, we needed to change and augment our teaching practice. In part 1 of this two-part interactive webinar series, we will share our learnings relating to Classroom Coaches, gratitude practices, student reflections and conferencing in the secondary Math classroom. We will also share our journey to cultivate a growth mindset in our students and how this drive necessitated significant changes to our assessment and evaluation practices. During part 1, webinar participants will be introduced to workable strategies that they can implement in their classrooms right away. Participants will be asked to choose a strategy and use it to augment their teaching practice – and maybe even gather some classroom data to assess its effectiveness. Part 2 is scheduled for April 28


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Presenter: Leanne Oliver & Patricia Maecker


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