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Monday, March 13

Kindergarten Part 1 AQ (Fanshawe, Spring 2023, Online)

The Kindergarten Part 1 (AQ) course focuses on the importance of play-based environments that promote the physical, social, emotional and cognitive development of all children. You will understand diverse theories of play and ways to purposefully plan authentic play-based learning experiences that foster exploration, a culture of inquiry and developmentally appropriate practices. This course emphasizes …

Monday, March 27

Intermediate Basic Health and Physical Education ABQ (Brock, Spring 2023, Online)

Current principles of student development and learning, curriculum development and implementation, and teaching strategies. Format: 100 contact hours plus 25 hours of independent study. Restrictions: please contact the department for permission. Prerequisites: Prerequisite(s): an acceptable undergraduate degree or previous Health and Physical Education experience. Notes: this course may be offered in multiple modes of delivery. The method of delivery …

Junior Division ABQ (Brock, Spring 2023, Online)

Basic teaching strategies in all subject areas taught at the junior level. Current principles of child development and learning and curriculum at the junior level. Format: Lectures, seminar. Prerequisites: Prerequisite(s): an undergraduate degree and valid certification to teach in Ontario.

Librarianship I AQ (Brock, Spring 2023, Online)

Understanding the role of the teacher-librarian and collaborative process in developing teaching strategies for resource-based learning. Topics include utilizing and integrating basic library information technology, collection development, print and non-print resource evaluation, introduction to child and adolescent literature, systems, policies and procedures for organizing and distributing resources. Format: Lectures, seminar. Notes: open to certified teachers or permission …