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Monday, May 01

Intermediate Curriculum and Instruction (Intermediate ABQ) – Health and Physical Education (Lakehead, Spring 2023, Online)

This course is for certificated teachers in any but the intermediate division. This course analyzes human development theories, curricular policies and guidelines, and teaching strategies and practices in Health and Physical Education, as they apply to the intermediate division. Credit Weight: 1.0 Prerequisite(s): A recognized university degree Students must have three (3) full course equivalents …

Intermediate Curriculum and Instruction (Intermediate ABQ) – Mathematics (Lakehead, Spring 2023, Online)

In this course, learners will explore important considerations for instruction and assessment when planning for instruction in the Intermediate grades, specifically connected to teaching an Intermediate Math Course (Grade 7 – 10). This course includes examples from the most recent research to support student progress and learning. There will be an opportunity to engage with curriculum content, trying …