ABQ Green Industries, grades 11 and 12 (Windsor, Fall 2023, Online)

October 10, 2023 to November 20, 2023

  • Category: ABQ, Online
  • Region: Central Ontario, Eastern Ontario, GTA, Northern Ontario, Southern Ontario
  • Topic: Technological Education
  • Grades: Senior (grades 11-12)

The Additional Qualification course in Green Industries Grades 11 and 12 focuses on the skills and theory underpinning the study of Green Industries.  This course addresses student development, program planning and delivery issues, the school environment.

Topics include:

  •  exploring design and problem solving processes, methods and approaches as they relate to Green Industries Grades 11 and 12
  • inspecting and reporting on the learning environment, facilities, equipment, resources and state of maintenance and repair for delivering Green Industries Grades 11 and 12 courses
  • demonstrating knowledge and ways of planning and implementation of Ministry of Education curriculum policy related to Green Industries Grades 11 and 12
  • applying the theoretical foundations of Green Industries Grades 11 and 12 by incorporating the broad-based pedagogical approach that embeds problem solving and the fundamental technological concepts
  • understanding species classification and identification and relationships between species and geographical areas
  • understanding the effects of both biotic and abiotic factors on growth
  • creating fair and equitable assessment and evaluation methods to promote student learning
  • planning, organizing and implementing effective health, safety, sanitation and environmental standards in the Green Industries Grades 11 and 12 facility

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  • Organizer: University of Windsor
  • Cost: Three-Part AQ: $685.00, Additional Basic AQ: $735.00, Honour Specialist: $735.00, Tech Studies: $725.00. See for details.
  • Location: Online
  • Website:
  • Contact: Centre for Executive and Professional Education
  • Phone: 519-253-3000 ext.6734
  • Fax: 519-256-8572
  • Email: [email protected]