Counting Principles and Thinking in Math in Kindergarten

Resources Used

Interactive Stem Research Brief (2015)

Mathematics in the Early Grades: Counting & Cardinality

How the 5 Counting Principles Lay the Foundation for Flexible Thinking in Later Grades by S. Edgar

Website referring to the research/early screening tools by Dr. Daniel Ansari and colleagues at Western University

The Child’s Understanding of Number (2009) by Rochel Gelman and C.R. Gallistel

Link is for the Google book version (some chapters).

Early Childhood Mathematics Education Research: Learning Trajectories for Young Children (2009) by Julie Sarama and Douglas H. Clements

Teaching Student-Centered Mathematics: Developmentally Appropriate Instruction for Grades Pre-K-2 (2017) by John A. Van de Walle

Number Sense Routines: Building Numerical Literacy Every Day in Grades K-3 (2011) by Jessica F. Shumway