A Closer Look at the Listening Strand in the Core French Classroom

In this webinar, participants will:

  • Have a deeper understanding of the listening strand in the revised FSL curriculum
  • Will be able to see how technology can be used to enhance the way we get our students listening to oral texts
  • Look at several examples of potential listening tasks
  • Collaborate with others to discuss and share strategies that support the listening strand

This is a bilingual webinar!

Audience: K-12


Myria Mallette


Ontario FLS Curriculum

A Guide to Reflective Practice for Core French Teachers: Oral Proficiency

Listening to Learn

Listening to Learn – Dials of Difficulty

Choose the right breakfast

Google Form Listening Quiz

Edpuzzle Example

Edpuzzle Tutorials

McDonalds Advertisement

Je me présente – Compare and Contrast to self – Venn Diagram –

Dials of Difficulty – Metacognition Activity



Skype in the Classroom

Planet French

YouTube – (i.e. commercials, introductions, PSA – McDonalds France, Tim Horton’s French)

The French Podcast

Podcast Français Facile

Twitter – connect with others

RDS – interviews with atheletes, highlights