Digital Citizenship in your Next Generation Learning Classroom

Technology is entwined in almost every part of our lives, shaping the way we connect, socialize, play, and most importantly, learn. Technology has transformed the ways we interact with each other, and the world. Digital citizenship is about how we should act, and interact with others when we are online. It’s about teaching users of technology what they need to know in ways that prepare us to be contributing citizens today, and in the future. Join me as we explore a shift in thinking about Digital Citizenship -moving away from a lesson a week- to creating a school culture and mindset of understanding around the human, cultural, and societal implications related to technology use in education.

During this webinar, participants will discuss why we need to teach digital citizenship, how to select SAFE online educational tools for everyone, ways to integrate technology effectively- guided by the SAMR & TPACK model, guidelines for using social media in the classroom, copyright, fair use and attribution, as well as how to balance technology use at work/school, and at home. Participants will also be granted access to AMDSB’s Digital Citizenship Resource Matrix (K-12) which was recently developed using OSAPACs Digital Citizenship categories and criteria, along with online lessons, videos, interactives, resources and more developed by MediaSmarts (Canadian) and Common Sense Media.

Audience: K-12