Holocaust Education in Grade 6: Supporting the New Social Studies Curriculum

This webinar will guide teachers through best practices in teaching about the Holocaust in Grade 6 Social Studies classrooms, including an exploration of the no-prep, high-quality resources available through Liberation75.org


Cindy Kozierok [email protected]  &  Marilyn Sinclair, Liberation75 [email protected]


RESOURCES: Teaching about the Holocaust in Ontario Grade 6 Classrooms Slide Presentation


The Long Road to Justice: The Story of Simon Wiesenthal: Resource about the life of Holocaust survivor, Simon Wiesenthal. Well suited to Grade 6 students to start the discussion and includes a great video of Simon Wiesenthal speaking about Canadian actions post-WWII.

The Long Road to Justice – English

The Long Road to Justice – French

FSWC Antisemitism Toolkit: Provides curriculum resources for grades 2-4:


Liberation 75’s Educator Toolkit – Includes vetted resources, both text and video for Grades 5 – 12, curated from 16 different Holocaust organizations, the majority of which are Canadian, and including English and some French resources.

Liberation 75’s Ask the Expert – A generative AI site that allows teachers to interact with a hologram of Holocaust expert, Dr Stephen D. Smith, and ask over 150 questions about the Holocaust and antisemitism.

Liberation 75’s Challenging Stories Book Club – Monthly online webinar sessions that allow educators to discuss a book that is appropriate for Grade 6 students. Each webinar includes the book author and an educator who explains how they have taught the book to their students. Book club webinars held to date have included: Hana’s Suitcase, Linked, and To Hope and Back. The recordings are archived and accessible for free.

Check back for updated resources and curriculum on the website, including Cindy’s upcoming lesson plans: https://www.liberation75.org/toolkit