Math Inquiry Using iPads and iDevices

This session explores apps that can be used to support inquiry activities in Junior and Intermediate level math. Together, participants explore and discuss apps that allow for data collection, graphing relationships, documenting findings, manipulating geometrical shapes, trying out multiple scenarios and sharing and communicating about learning.  While this session primarily focuses on iPads and Junior/Intermediate (grades 6-10), references will be made to comparable iPod Touch and iPhone apps whenever possible.

Audience: Junior/Intermediate


Jaclyn’s extensive wiki for this session includes resources for:

  1. Getting files on and off of iPads (Geometers Sketchpad, SMART Notebook, Spreadsheets)
  2. Digital Manipulatives
  3. Graphing
  4. Making tutorials and showing thinking
  5. Using and Creating Video
  6. Creating Audio
  7. Curation
  8. Document Camera and Sharing
  9. Collaboration
  10. Polling and Quizzing
  11. Suggested apps and their uses

Other tools shared in this session: Dropbox, DropItToMe, Geogebra, Geogebra Downloads, Explain Everything, Techsmith, Showme, Educreations, Garage Band, FlubarooIXL (Ontario curriculum connections),

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