Archived recording (Nov. 15, 2012)
Archived recording (Feb. 12, 2012)

Voicethread is a free tool that can be used by teachers to support students with accountable talk, descriptive feedback, providing alternative ways of demonstrating their understanding or digital storytelling.  The tool allows you to upload images, video, word documents or powerpoint and then leave audio, video or typed comments with the images.  You can also annotate the images or documents.  This session will show the very basics of creating a voicethread account, how to create a voicethread and how to have students comment on your voicethread.  Create your first voicethread on the spot and learn how to comment on the voicethreads of others (better yet, watch this with a friend and you can comment on each other’s!).  Enjoy a discussion around effective use of this tool in the classroom. Be prepared to follow along by having a few images on your computer ready to use.

Audience: All levels