Developing Globally Competent and Engaged Global Citizens

Today’s students are part of an ever changing and challenging world. Many are interested in being part of a community of learners to address issues such as poverty, peace, environmental sustainability, food and water security and indigenous challenges.

This webinar will focus on how to support students to become globally informed, engaged citizens while using technology to support communication, collaboration, character education, creativity, community and citizenship. Participants will understand the role of global competencies in deeper learning and inquiry based learning. We will explore how students can investigate, be involved in projects and take action on some of the world’s greatest challenges. We will examine programs, apps and organizations that enable classes to connect, learn about and take action to collaborate on global issues. Classroom examples of student learning and assessment will be discussed.

Presenters: Mali Bickley and Jim Carleton

Audience: K-8

Mali Bickley and Jim Carleton