Real-time Assessment: Using Real-Time Data and Specific Feedback to Accelerate Learning

Formative is a platform for timely, authentic feedback. Far too often, teachers rely on rubrics that structure feedback and assessment that gets delivered to students after a task is already complete. Assessment for learning is by far the most effective way of allowing students to adapt and make modifications that will enhance their learning and better demonstrate mastery of concepts. Effective, timely assessment tools are hard to come by. Often, they are subject specific. One of the benefits to using Formative assessment is that it is completely open to different subjects, concepts and activities. Teachers can upload multimedia files in a variety of different formats, create and share templates, embed multiple choice, short answer and long answer questions, and monitor student work from a Master dashboard. Information is updated live, so the second a student changes a letter or inputs a number the classroom teacher is able to see and compare results across the class. This informs and enhances classroom practices, allowing teachers to intervene earlier in the process so that students can avoid common missteps and showcase their best academic performance.

Presenter: Colin Pattison

Audience: Junior/Intermediate