Redefining Literacy: Getting Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable

Why are our students struggling to work with digital tools if they spoke internet before they could walk? How can we prepare students for a world they’re going to enter when we can’t even imagine future challenges? The answer is to approach each learning task and learner knowing that they must transfer to the next wave of development. In this session, strategies abound to approach our discomfort with an uncertain future. Reflect on your own practice, and make small shifts to make your teaching program more applicable to your students in this era of change. Teachers will examine multiple forms of media to understand how the fundamentals of literacy need to be redefined to suit new modes and mediums of text.

Resources referred to include:

  • Global competencies by Ontario Ministry of Education and Edugains
  • It’s Complicated by danah boyd
  • Building School 2.0 by Chris Lehmann and Zac Chase
  • The SAMR model by Dr. Ruben Puedentura

And many more!

Presenter: Alanna King

Audience: K-Gr. 12 (especially intermediate/senior levels)