Safe Social Media

Today’s youth are coming of age totally immersed in a world saturated with media and technology.  This webinar addresses how to help youth stay safe when using social media. Topics discussed include mixed messages, violence and bullying, social media impacts on youth perceptions of what kind of person that they are supposed to be, and more.  It also looks at how youth are creating their own identities in their online worlds and how they are growing up building friendships behind screens. Recommendations for safe social media use are provided throughout.

Audience: All levels


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About the Presenters

Ryan Broll is a criminology and sociology professor at St. Jerome’s College, part of the University of Waterloo. Ryan’s doctoral research examined stakeholder’s responses to cyber bullying. He has co-authored research papers and book chapters in the areas of cyber bullying, media violence, policing, parenting, and domestic violence and has presented his research findings internationally. He also frequently presents on topics including media violence, cyber bullying, digital harassment and online safety to students, parents and professionals.

Shanna Burns is an educator and researcher for the CAMH Centre for Prevention Science in London, Ontario.  Most of her work is in the area of Fourth R program development and implementation initiatives. Since she started at CAMH in 2004, Shanna has assisted with the Health, English, Aboriginal Perspectives, Alternative Education and Media Literacy curricula. Shanna has consulted on and developed resources and presentations to address topics such as cyber bullying, school-based bullying, bullying in the workplace, media violence, homophobia and cyber safety. Shanna is a Fourth R Master Trainer and is a teacher with the Thames Valley District School Board.