Truth and Reconciliation in the Classroom

During this webinar, we will focus on how to use our newest comprehensive resource: Truth and Reconciliation in the Classroom.  This resource includes numerous high-quality videos on a multitude of topics such as geography, treaties, history, leadership, community life and more.  Connections to the new curriculum as well as ready-made classroom activities in both English and French are available through the accompanying Teacher’s Guide. Links to student-friendly worksheets are also available. Focus is on grades 4 & 5 new curriculum. However, this can be used for any grade and subject K-12. We will also show how this resource can be used to support Learning from Home with examples using Google Classroom and Brightspace (D2L).

Zoom Webinar Presentation

Presenter:  Jodie Williams & Tesa Fiddler 

Audience: K – 12


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