Using iPads to Demonstrate Student Understanding

Do you have access to iPads in your class? Perhaps even just one? How can these devices be used to support students demonstrating their knowledge? This introductory session will look at various apps that can be used to help students demonstrate their understanding:

  • Recording audio to make avatars tell a story
  • Writing and recording songs
  • Annotating and recording voice over images
  • Creating videos
  • Participating in online discussions
  • Editing images

There are many ways iPads can help make demonstrating student understanding engaging and time-efficient. The best part is that students can share most of these demonstrations with the classroom community and beyond, while allowing teachers to maintain a digital record of student work.

Audience: All levels


Jaclyn’s extensive wiki contains all information shared in this session, including:

  • Managing the iPads
  • Explaining thinking
  • Collaborative text writing
  • Creating and editing video
  • Creating and editing audio
  • Creating, editing and annotating images
  • Creating animations and stop motion
  • Diagnostics, exit tickets, polling, online chats
  • Social media
  • Online classrooms, learning management systems (LMS)
  • Assistive tech
  • Targeted apps (numeracy, literacy, etc.)

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