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Tuesday, July 3

English as a Second Language/English Language Development Specialist AQ (Brock EDUC 9F69 Summer 2018) (online)

EDUC 9F69 – Design, implementation and evaluation of an effective ESL/ELD program. Development of a theoretical framework for the field of ESL/ELD and the role of advocacy and leadership surrounding ESL/ELD issues. Lectures, seminar. Prerequisite(s): English as a Second Language/English Language Development II and proof of appropriate regulatory experience required by Ministry of Education Regulation 184/97. …

Environmental Education Specialist AQ (OISE, Summer 2018, Blended)

Course Description Develop your leadership skills and professional practice in environmental education in this Specialist course. Engage in collaborative inquiry with elementary and secondary teachers to study and critically analyze the theory and practice of environmental education. A combination of lectures, workshops, outdoor and experiential learning, field trips, and guest speakers will be utilized to …

Guidance and Career Education II AQ (Brock, Summer 2018, online)

EDUC 9F65 – Development and design of program, career work life education and community and global perspectives while also enhancing skills and experience in all five strands. Lectures, seminar. Prerequisite(s): Guidance and Career Education I plus one year of teaching experience. Note: may be available on-site, online or blended.