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Tuesday, July 03

Librarianship II AQ (Brock, Summer 2018, Online)

EDUC 9F28 – Practical applications of the role of the librarian and collaborative process. Interpreting and utilizing a variety of print and non-print media. Developing a wider knowledge of resources including print (nonfiction, reference, child and adolescent literature) and non-print (video, CD ROM, computer software, Internet resources). Further development in utilizing and integrating library information …

Librarianship Specialist AQ (Brock, Summer 2018, Online)

EDUC 9F29 – Advanced practical applications of the role of the teacher-librarian and collaborative process in resource-based learning. Organizing and presenting workshops in Library and Information Technologies. Awareness of current developments in library organization, design and distribution systems. Integrating current technologies in the learning process. Visit website for additional information.