Tomorrow is Built Today! The importance of quality Health and Physical Education opportunities to support the well-being of all

This webinar will explore OASPHE and a variety of resources that can support teachers of Health and Physical Education (K-12) with the tools to implement a strategic approach for the delivery of a quality program to their students to enhance the engagement, inclusion and overall well-being of their students. Teachers will engage in discussions related to the various issues associated with the implementation of the 2015 curriculum and identify current resources available to them that will allow students to:

  • engage with poise, confidence and enthusiasm across a wide range of games/activities
  • understand how activity supports their personal well-being
  • to implement the strategies that help students connect to the fundamental principles of the curriculum

Presenter: David Inglis

Contact Information:

  •  David Inglis
  • H.B Beal Secondary School
  • Guidance Counsellor
  • Teacher: Health and Physical Education
  • Associate Athletic Director
  • Co-President: OASPHE
  • Vice President: CIRA Ontario
  • [email protected]/ (519) 452-2700 (X61024) / @WeDoGymRight

Audience: K-12