Literacy in FDK

The Full-Day Kindergarten Document supports play-based learning. What does this mean when it comes to literacy instruction? This session will explore how inquiry and play can help develop literacy skills and what this looks like in a classroom environment. Topics include:
  • Oral Language Development – How can we develop oral language skills through play? What is the role of phonemic awareness?
  • How can technology support the development of oral language and phonemic awareness skills?
  • Reading With Meaning – What are different options for modelled, shared, and guided reading? How can we make reading a meaningful, and important, part of play? What are some reading technology options?
  • Writing With A Purpose – How do we honour students at all stages of the writing continuum? How do we make writing meaningful in Kindergarten? How can technology be used to support writing in Kindergarten?
  • Struggling Students – How do we support our most struggling students in the development of literacy skills? Where might we begin? What role can technology play in this support?
  • Assessment Options – How do we assess students in their development of literacy skills? How do we use this assessment to inform our instruction?
Audience: FDK