Mental math in the new curriculum: What, how, and why

Are you wondering how to teach mental math? This session will investigate how to use number talks in your classroom to address mental math expectations. Whether you are new to number talks or have been using them regularly in your practice, we will provide practical tips that any teacher can use.


Marc Husband

Marc Husband earned his Ph.D. in 2019 from York University. He is currently an Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Education at St. Francis Xavier University in Antigonish, NS. His research is situated in the field of mathematics education, with a focus on teacher education. He is interested in the kinds of professional learning experiences that influence teaching practices in mathematics classrooms. Current and recent projects include: elementary teachers’ conceptions of mental mathematics; the potential for using number talks to promote equity; eliciting and documenting students’ mental math ideas: investigating ways to make math visible and visual.

 Tina Rapke

Dr Tina Rapke focuses on all grade levels of mathematics teaching and learning (including the education of future teachers). She loves being in the classroom working with teachers and students. She has 20+ years of teaching experience and is currently an associate professor at York University.


Presenter: Marc Husband / Tina Rapke  (OAME)

Audience: 4 – 8


Marc Husband [email protected]

Tina Rapke [email protected]



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