Mindomo Mindmapping for Ontario Learners

OSAPAC has announced the release of a new Mind Mapping tool, called Mindomo, that affords some exciting new possibilities for brainstorming, representing learning visually and collaborating with others.

This is a web application that students access through a code that a teacher sets up in an easy process that is attached to their School Board email address. This session will walk you through the main features of Mindomo such as creating mind maps, adding multimedia components, exporting products, creating presentations directly from mind maps, using templates, and sharing mind maps for student collaboration.  Mindomo also allows students and teachers to provide feedback and have conversations while constructing and brainstorming.

This session also talks about how you can extend the power of mind maps to other forms of visual organizers (e.g., concept maps, fishbone organizers) in order to help students organize and advance their thinking.

Audience: All levels


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