Providing Subject-Focused Leadership on Current Issues

The Ontario Family Studies Home Economics Educators’ Association (OFSHEEA) recognizes that the world is changing at a faster rate than curriculum documents can be updated. In order to support the educators in our subject area, we have been developing advisory documents to support curricula related to topics such as diet culture, First Nations, Métis, and Inuit perspectives, anti-oppression, and LGBTQ2SIA issues.  These advisories account for ever-changing knowledge and teaching practices in our subject area.

Join us as we outline the process that we used to develop these curriculum advisories, including how we sourced funding, identified key topics, engaged community partnerships, and more. Come learn how your subject association can develop similar curriculum advisories so that educators in your field can do the unlearning and relearning necessary to effectively teach issues and topics that are currently relevant to our students, all the while keeping lessons and resources engaging and current.


Presenter: Theresa Aqui & Michelyn Gallant

Audience: 7-12


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