Strategies for Student Ownership of Learning – Part 2

As Math teachers, we want our students to love math and to be fully engaged in learning. In our almost 50 years of collective teaching practice we have recognized that in order to make this happen, we needed to change and augment our teaching practice. In part 2 of this two-part webinar series, we will come together once more to share our classroom learnings and dive in deeper to explore next steps for re-engaging students in our classrooms. For willing participants, a shared drive will be created to curate any resources created by participants, stemming from classroom experimentation between parts 1 and 2.

Zoom Webinar Presentation

Presenter: Leanne Oliver & Patricia Maecker

Audience: 9-12


Leanne Oliver, [email protected]
Trish Maecker, [email protected]

Google Drive Folder (with presentation):

Google Sheet Colour Gradient Example