Technology Integration in Mathematics

In this session, elementary educators explore a variety of ways to incorporate the use of technology into their mathematics classroom. Whether they have one device, or many, participants will learn how to make the most of what they have. The session will take a closer look at some technology integration models, SAMR and TPACK, and venture into ways to incorporate technology effectively in their classroom. Participants will explore a variety of apps, such as Explain Everything, AudioBoom, PowerPoint, Skitch and OneNote, along with device features in order to help teachers prepare for integrating technology in math in ways to work.

Audience: K-8

Types of Apps:

  • CONSUMPTION – Drill for Skill Apps
    • Monkey Math
    • Math Bingo
    • Factor Samurai
    • IXL
    • Math Evolve
    • Chicken Coop Fraction Games
  • CREATIVE: Allows students to create a final product
    • Chatter Pix Kids 
    • Skitch
    • Padlet
    • Explain Everything
    • Pattern Shapes
    • Fotobabble
  • ASSISTIVE: Technology that supports students in their learning (assists them)
    • Dragon
    • Time Timer
    • My Script Calculator
    • Inspiration
    • Talking Scientific Calculator
    • Speak it!