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Tuesday, February 02

Getting Started with OTF Planboard (Gr. 9-12)

Many teachers use a wealth of digital resources in their lessons, but lesson planning has remained much the same using paper or simple tables. This problem is completely solved through the use of OTF Planboard, a free online lesson planning tool that blends perfectly with our digital world, offering integration of tools like Google Apps for Education that …

Mathematics Grade 7/8 AQ (Brock)

Developmental and learning theories as they apply to teaching strategies for mathematics at the grade 7 and 8 levels including but not limited to learning processes, organization, motivation and concept development. Practical application beyond the classroom. Please visit website for additional information.

Wednesday, February 03

Teaching Students With Communication Needs (Autism Spectrum Disorder) AQ (Nipissing) (online)

The underlying purpose of Special Education – Communication – Autism is to teach knowledge and skills in the design, delivery, programming and assessment of students with an Autism Spectrum Disorder. Focusing on theory and practice underpinning Special Education – Autism Spectrum Disorders, candidates will examine topics and issues of particular relevance to the school system …

Using Digital Portfolios to Make Learning Visible

In this session, teachers will learn how to create, edit and share student portfolios in order to make learning visible. It is our goal to create strong home-school connections by using technology to share the incredible learning of our students with their families.  Participants will walk away with practical information on how they can encourage …

Tuesday, February 09