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Tuesday, March 01

Gamifying Formative Assessment With Knowledgehook Gameshow

This session explores how teachers can gamify the formative assessment process using Knowledgehook’s free interactive web-based student response system, Gameshow! During this webinar, participants will engage in a ready-made Knowledgehook Gameshow as a student to experience the full spectrum of features available in the tool, followed by an in-depth tour behind the scenes to learn …

Thursday, March 03

The Re-imagined School: Digitally-enhanced learning

Digital technology is transforming many aspects of our daily lives – but is its full potential being realized in our classrooms? During this session participants will consider what a digitally-enhanced learning environment might look and sound like. They will also explore the possible intersections between the SAMR model for digital integration and critical thinking as …

Sunday, March 06
Monday, March 07

The Problem Of “Time”

With inquiry, one of the big concerns is always, “how do we have enough time to get everything done?” This session will look at various ways to address these time concerns for different grades. Topics include: Integration of different subjects. Assessment and evaluation of multiple subjects, including the use of technology tools to support this. …

Tuesday, March 08

Drawing Kids into Mathematics: Using Turtle Art and Scratch

Let your students amaze you with their mathematical minds as they have hard fun programming/coding with Scratch & Turtle Art! As they draw and create ever more complex projects, they will be drawn into being mathematicians. Learn how to help your students use these programs to explore coordinate geometry, angles, operations, variables, distances—and much more. Join …