PerformancePlus external-link

A great online Shakespeare teaching tool for teachers called PerformancePlus which is available for King Lear, Hamlet, Macbeth and soon for Romeo & Juliet. This free tool enables teachers to save time and capture their students’ attention using this ground-breaking digital resource. Includes lesson plans, artist interviews and on-screen text scrolling in sync with the film. PerformancePlus can be shared in the classroom or students can use it directly on their own device.

Des nouvelles ressources de littératie numérique pour les enseignants external-link

Les ateliers Programme de formation en littératie numérique pour les éducateurs canadiens présentent un aperçu des connaissances et des compétences essentielles en littératie numérique et les concepts clés de la littératie médiatique et numérique, familiariseront les participants avec les expériences du numérique des jeunes Canadiens, et leur présenteront les ressources et les outils qui sont offerts par le biais du cadre de littératie numérique Utiliser, comprendre et créer.

Digital Literacy 101 external-link

New digital literacy resources for teachers, developed by MediaSmarts, to support the implementation  of digital literacy into their teaching practice and to help them to develop digital literacy lessons and activities that suit their students’ needs. Tutorials or Powerpoint presentations geared to grade levels

Story Planet external-link

Story Planet is a non-profit organization that empowers young Torontonians to make and share their stories. The team of professional writers and artists facilitate high-energy, workshops that integrate art, writing, and digital media and result in a bound book, film or play. They work with children and youth from grades 1-12 in Toronto’s Neighbourhood Improvement Areas. Story Planet’s workshops supplement and support the Ontario curriculum particularly in literacy and language development.

Dancing Backwards Society external-link

A non-profit organization that has developed a free, interactive, online school program celebrating women in politics. Grades 5 and up, satisfies various provincial Ministry curriculum criteria across Canada in Social Studies, English, History, Government and Arts Education