AgScape external-link

As the voice of Agriculture in the Classroom Ontario, AgScape provides factual, balanced, curriculum-linked food literacy programs and resources to Ontario’s educators and students.

Lesson plans and resources in several subject areas for grades 1 – 12

Dancing Backwards Society external-link

A non-profit organization that has developed a free, interactive, online school program celebrating women in politics. Grades 5 and up, satisfies various provincial Ministry curriculum criteria across Canada in Social Studies, English, History, Government and Arts Education

Ressources pour repenser(R4R) external-link

Le répertoire Ressources pour repenser, un projet de l’Education au service de la Terre, fournit aux enseignants un meilleur accès à d’excellentes et de pertinentes ressources en matière de l’éducation pour le développement durable.

L’éducation pour le développement durable (ÉDD) intègre les sphères écologique, sociale et économique à travers un apprentissage actif, pertinant et interdisciplinaire.

Resources for Rethinking (R4R) external-link

Immediate access to more than 1,000 quality classroom resources: lesson plans, books, videos and other materials that explore the environmental, social and economic dimensions of important issues and events unfolding in our world today. Developed by Learning for a Sustainable Future.

Mind the Gap: Gender and Education external-link

Mind the Gap: Gender and Education is an interactive, online data tool. It teaches young people about the gaps and inequities in access to education.

Power to Play! external-link

Power to Play! is a superhero-themed program encouraging healthy eating and physical activity for children. Brock Lee and Coco Lait are the superheroes who will lead your K-3 students on fun healthy eating and physical activity adventures so they can have the power to play, think and feel great!

Power to Play! has been designed by Registered Dietitians, teachers and students and includes four grade-specific, cross-curricular programs that meet expectations in Health and Physical Education, Language, Mathematics, the Arts, Science and Technology and Social Studies.

Power to Explore! is a junior-level cross-curricular healthy-living program that gives students the power to explore their personal food and activity choices. Students build awareness and develop skills to improve health.


Teacher Guides and Resources external-link

The City of Toronto has developed resource guides on municipal elections for Grade 5, ESL and Grade 10 teachers who are interested in teaching government, democracy and citizenship in an engaging and fun way. The lessons and activities are designed to teach students that as residents of Toronto we should be informed and curious about how our local government functions as municipalities are the most accessible to us and provide vital services that directly impact our daily lives.